About MedCare

MedCare Ambulance is a not-for-profit medical transportation service headquartered in Columbus, Ohio that began operations in 2010. Today, MedCare is proud to now be a wholly-owned subsidiary of, and operated by, Ohio Medical Transportation, Inc. supporting the communities it serves, joining MedFlight’s valued network of exceptional ground transportation partners, and helping to expand MedFlight’s Patients First focus.

MedCare was created to meet the demand by MedFlight’s consortium health systems, OhioHealth and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and other Ohio hospital systems for greater oversight into the level and quality of care their patients receive from the point of discharge to their arrival at their next destination, be it home or another facility for further rehabilitation. MedCare operates seven bases throughout central and southern Ohio with an average of 50 vehicles on the road per day to meet the needs of patients and their caregivers. On average, MedCare completes 75,000 service requests per year.


To provide medical and non-medical transportation and educational services in the most caring and professional manner.


To be the most trusted and valued medical and non-medical transportation provider.


MedCare is committed to providing an array of high-quality health related services of social value by conducting all operations in an atmosphere of concern and safety, respect for human dignity, legal and ethical responsibility, and the efficient management of resources.