Become a MedCare Partner

Welcome to MedCare Ambulance – Imagine putting on this uniform to serve others.

We are a non-profit, hospital-sponsored employer who offers a great wage for emergency medical service professionals. We will help you achieve your career goals while providing a rewarding workplace. You’ve found a career as a MedCare partner. You’ll receive:

  • Competitive pay and benefits for you and your family with
    • Ambulette starting at $15.00/hr
    • EMT-Basics starting at $16.00/hr
    • EMT-Intermediates starting at $16.75/hr
    • Paramedics starting at $18.50/hr
    • Plus experience pay for additional years certified while working in your current role.
  • A no-contract work opportunity that does not tie you down.
  • Paid Time Off and Sick Time that begins accruing immediately.
  • Built-in continuing education to help you maintain your certifications.
  • A safe work environment that respects your work and life balance.
  • State-of-the-art ambulances and medical equipment.
  • Flexible work schedules and paid overtime opportunities for additional income.

THE UNIQUE MEDCARE CAREER BONUS: You'll have access to a career path that could lead to flight medicine, fire department employment, and much more as part of MedFlight.